The Duffle Bag is our product page… the store, so to speak.

While the military has shopping facilities on its bases at the PX (Post Exchange) for just about anything you can think of, including necessities and entertainment products such as DVDs, CDs, and books, it is usually months before the latest products on the market are available there.

And unless the troops have their own wireless laptops they won’t have access to order them through an internet connection on the base computers. This is particularly important when serving abroad.

Therefore, we’ll concentrate on the latest or recent entertainment products so family members and friends can fill the gap with their own “care” packages to support their troop member. So toss that around before tossing it in the duffle bag… and then send it on its way.  🙂

Keep ’em smiling:  Buy it – Wrap it – Toss it in the bag – Send  it  on its way!
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