I love tumbling with the Hunks!

So let’s talk about tumbling. If you are a soldier you know a lot about that subject. I mean you are always doing physical stuff, like running, jumping, and climbing. When you march you sing about it. I recall something about “roll me over in the clover.” I suppose that’s a song about tumbling. Right?

Anyway, that’s what my grand-kids tell me. They say they love tumbling. My adult kids laugh a lot when I ask them about it. They say they love tumbling, too. (Wonder what they’re thinking?)

I’d love to do some tumbling with you troops right now; but, I’m not up to all of that physical stuff… still have lots of fond memories though. They give me incentive to hang in there and rise to the occasion with you.

All kidding aside for a minute. I’m honored when you spend a little of your off-time here with me and I want to make these pages something that you will find entertaining.

So, let’s tumble my way and get back to the business in hand and I don’t mean “monkey business.” I aim to please and give you a laugh or two – you guys and gals have enough stress as it is. Come, sit a while, put your feet up, and enjoy. If there’s something you particularly like let me know about it. If it’s not here, let me know that, too. And if it’s something you don’t like… well, give me a shout-out!  😉