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John Darling
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July 4th and National Country Music Day
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Babes in the kitchen

On The Lighter Side: Reasons why…

Squirrel Nest of Flags
ON TAP… Invented Anything Lately?
Father’s Day – Send  Dad a Care Package
Barracks-life got you down? It could be worse.
Cemetery squirrels are nuts about U.S. flag
On The Lighter Side
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Remembering – A Parable of Immortality
Ramblings of a Veteran
On The Lighter Side

What's the score

Gunfire Protection System for the troops
Famous April Fool’s Day Pranks
Springtime/BASEBALL /What’s the score?
Letters from a 6th grade class
Heavenly Baseball?
Back on the Farm
Irish quote Mar11-R&R
Smart Robotic Camera for the troops is in the works
Army’s oldest continuous serving unit gets another patch

Here’s to the Irish – just saying
Thank you, TSA, for New Bumper Stickers
A Few Good Supply Sergeants
BB-DoodlePad Feb11-R&R
Chinese Stealth?
Valentine Love
Doodle Pad for the Barracks Babes
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pumpkin pie

Bear Robot to the rescue
Smart Phone for every soldier?
Pumpkin Pie increases man’s sex drive!!
He said… She said
The Brat Brigade

Patriotic Girl riding rocket

Promoting Peace in Afghanistan
Poster gift for the Troops

These Can Pants Save Lives

Underwear …saving a military life!
Church-Babes with typewriters

Soldier Camouflage Costume

Fireflies saving military lives?
Armor for the Tractor Trailer Set
Halloween Camouflage; Timely Politics
Inspection by the Barracks Babes
Why Rednecks Make Good Soldiers.

Flying Humvee

Flying Humvee for the troops
Back to school for the Brat Brigade
Let’s hear it from the Barracks Babes
Is Hell Exothermic or Endothermic?